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lp_icons's Journal

Linkin Park Icons
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community devoted to LINKIN PARK icons!

Icon Use Rules:

I am not going to set any ground rules about icons and using them... I'll leave that up to each individual icon maker because not every icon artist has the same set of requirements/rules for use of their icons.

But I will say this: If the icon maker requires credit, you should credit. There shouldn't be any ifs, ands, or buts about this. They work hard on the icons, and if all they ask in return for their hardwork is for you to put their username in the icon's keywords, take ten seconds and do it. I mean, you have to put a keyword in to use it exclusively, so fuck, add the icon maker's name in there too, k? Crediting icons has never been easier! LJ has added a feature to where you can assign a keyword to your icon as you upload it! Now there is definitely no excuse for not crediting! Note: We ban icon stealers. Just ask xlinkinpark08x. Icon theft isn't a laughing matter!

General Guidelines for Community Etiquette:

1. Plz do n0t type liek dis. itz h4rd to r34d & it's ann0y1ng. kthxbye. If you're going to post in the community, please do your best to use proper grammar and puncuation. We'll all thank you for it. Trust me.

2. Posting more than 2 icons? Please use the cut. It's cool if we can see two right off the bat, but LJ cut is our friend. Dial-up users will thank you muchly. (to learn how to lj cut go here.)

3. Requests can be posted, but don't expect every icon maker to jump to it. If they don't get to it, they don't get to it. Remember, asking nicely will get you a long way. :)

4. Any and all icons of LP are welcome here. Yes, even slash. (Yes, this community is a bit slash-friendly!) I'm not going to be a bigot about this. I understand that some people don't like that sort of thing, so we'll put a warning lj-cut on the slashy icons for the prudes, k?
A.)Another thing I should add: Any and all LP graphics are welcome here. Friends only banners, headers, color bars, etc. LP layouts are completely cool to request/post, too. ^_^

5. *NEW* Advertising. It's highly frowned upon. I'd rather you didn't do it at all, but if you must do it, it should be for something LP related. LJ cut the entire thing.

6. Don't be a bitca (bitch in Xander speak, for all of you non-Buffy fans out there :p) and we'll all get along just fine!

This community is moderated and maintained by:
naughty_tangled and chesterismyhero. If you have a problem with a member or how things are going in the community, contact one of us and we'll do our best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible!

Community Icon By: The awesome and talented exclude Thanks for the awesome icons!


If we catch you stealing the hard work of any of our icon-makers, the LP Icon-Makers Mafia will be on you like shit on velcro. Just a friendly reminder... be kind, rewind and don't fucking steal icons/graphics/fanfiction! :D

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For More Iconage...

If you wish to have your icon journal or community listed here, contact naughty_tangled!