The Pretentious Bitch (mest_up_lpfan) wrote in lp_icons,
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Well well

My first act as Mod. lol.

Since people can't play nice we are making this community friends only. So that means all post should be defaulted so no matter who posts only other members can read it. So that means if you are JUST watching you won't be able to see posts pretty soon. I'm warning people now. You have 24 hours to join:D

We may discuss later this becoming closed so that people who get banned or whatever can't just make another lj and join right away. They'll have to ask us first. *way to be elitist, no?*

also if you can post the 'offender' they will be banned. If you have proof that's great. I don't want to turn salem on your asses so this will be the ONLY time I ban without some kind of proof. But since a few of you seem to know who it is I'll take your word on it. :D

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